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Update on Grants and Non-Profit Services 
Offered Through
Lu Kindblade and Associates

Change in Services:

Lu Kindblade and Associates will no longer write grants directly, but rather will consult on grant projects in the following ways:
  • Assisting with project planning for grants and organizational structure
  • Researching viable funding sources that align with the project
  • Reviewing and advising on grant proposals
  • Assisting with post funding grant management
  • Training staff on grant writing and project management

Why the Change in Services?

Lu Kindblade and Associates is making a change in services to better assist you in your grants and planning efforts!  By making these changes, we can serve you more efficiently and more cost effectively. Here is how we'll do it:
  • Offering guidance with grants planning and organizational structure, we can help you to design a more fundable project from the beginning, saving you valuable time and energy in the proposal process.
  • Researching viable grant funding sources, we identify the funders that are most closely aligned with your project.  This eliminates the "shotgun" or "scatter" approach, and creates a "laser focus" on the right funders.
  • Reviewing and advising, rather than writing your grants, provides a hands-on opportunity to teach your staff directly how to navigate the entire grant writing process. 
  • Assisting with the management of your grants after you have received the funding, puts you on the road to successful implementation.  Projects that are successfully managed and evaluated have a greater chance of receiving additional future funding. We help you set up a system for success. 
  • Training your staff on grant writing and project management, we give you the tools to be more independent and successful.  By learning to write your own grants and manage projects once funded, we become more of a mentor/advisor, while saving you money.   

Call to discuss how we may help you with your project and funding needs at (580) 304-3761. Fee is based on scope and complexity of project.

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