Grants--Getting From Here to There--- It All Starts With a Plan (and a "get 'er done" attitude)
So you have a vision of what you want for your organization or that special project or even your own dream or idea.  The big question is always,"how do I get from here to there?" The answer? A good horse.  Or, all kidding aside, you need: Purpose, Planning and  People. Also known as the "P3 Approach."

  • Purpose - Provides your "reason" or purpose and motivation (your passion)
  • Planning - Provides the road map for getting there
  • People - Provide encouragement, ideas, resources and money

We Can Help You Find Your Way
We have been there so we can help you.  Spending lots of time on the family ranch, I learned that you save a lot of time (and grief) if you have a plan before you jump into a project. Again, the P3 Approach:
Purpose: We help you clarify your purpose by getting it into words
Planning: We help you create a "Get 'Er Done" Plan
People: We show you how to identify people and resources you need
How We Do This:

  • In hands-on workshops and ranch retreats (see "Other Services" page)
  • Through one-on-one private consultations
  • By providing non-profit and planning services (see "Other Services" page)
  • Via online "webinars" (online seminars through website---available soon!)
  • With video and email newsletters
  • By offering supplemental books, ebooks, and training cds and dvds

Lu Kindblade discovered her purpose and passion early in her life.  Spending time on her family's historic ranch in Oklahoma, Lu saw how everything had a purpose and realized her own purpose was to use her gifts of visioning, planning and teaching to help others achieve their dreams and goals.
Lu Kindblade and Associates was founded by Lu to carry out her purpose for helping others bring their passions to reality.  Lu has worked in the field of grants and planning for the past 29 years and has assisted non-profits, businesses, municipal governments, tribal entities, schools, churches, ranches and farms and individuals in planning and funding their projects and visions. She has a team that assists in bringing quality services to clients in Oklahoma as well as numerous other states.
Lu holds a Bachelor's Degree in Interpersonal Communication and Theater from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and a Master's Degree in Critical Thinking and Multiple Intelligences from Notre Dame College.
She received the USDA RC&D Rural Development Community Service Award for her work in bringing projects, funding and new business to rural Oklahoma. While she works with communities of all sizes, she has a hands-on understanding of rural areas and their unique needs.
The bottom line?  Horse sense and business are not all that different in the end.
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